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  • Designed for ease of operation, the Kelvin Hughes Electronic Chart Display and Information System (ECDIS) provides the operator with a clear, intuitive display of relevant chart information. This advanced decision-making tool enhances safety and efficiency at sea.

  • The Kelvin Hughes range of ECDIS displays are Type Approved and designed with flexibility in mind, incorporating the market leading software functionality for a truly multifunction networked bridge system providing a platform for ECDIS compliance, a route to paperless navigation.

  • A single workstation can be a dedicated ECDIS or operate as a radar and chart radar in a wider integrated bridge. The Kelvin Hughes ECDIS meets the new IEC 61174 Edition 4 standard, is compliant to ENC S-57 and S-63 chart formats including updates provided via online services.

For further information for specification, please visit the PDF file


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