Professional training courses

Training Service


EME is an authorized training and examination center for the Office of the Communications Authority of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (OFCA).


  • Restricted Certificate of Competency in Radiotelephony (Short Range)


  • Restricted Certificate of Competency in Radiotelephony (Long Range)


  • Certificate of Competency in Radiotelephony Restricted (Hong Kong Waters)


Up to 80% course fee can be funded by MATF, please check the Maritime and Aviation Training Fund’s (MATF’s) website for latest information.


EME also provide tailor made training courses on your demand.  Courses such as principle of marine electronics equipment, general equipment operation or  special design course for specific equipment and systems.

Objectives of the tailor made training courses:

  •  Help your experienced officer to refresh and enhance the knowledge on the on board communication and navigation equipment. 

  •  Train up new hire officer get to know the principle and operation of the equipment in a shorter time frame.

  • Make sure the officer can fully utilize the function and feature of the complex equipment.

備註 Notes

  1. (1)  只適用於在香港舉行的課程/考試。

    Only applicable to courses/examinations conducted in Hong Kong.

  2. (2)  申請人申請費用發還的課程/考試必須於首次納入本名單的月份內或之後報讀/報考才符合申請資格。 The course/examination that the applicant applies for refund must be taken within or after its first issue on the “Pre- approved Courses/Examinations List”.

  3. (3)  除另有註明外,所列的學費/考試費用以港元為單位。所列的費用只供參考,有關機構可作相關調整而 不作另行通知。如欲查詢最新的學費/考試費,請與有關機構聯絡。
    Unless otherwise specified, the course/examination fees quoted are in Hong Kong Dollars. The fees provided are for reference only. Course provider/examination authority may make adjustment without prior notice. For enquires of the latest course/examination fees, please contact the relevant course provider / examination authority.