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Designed with a black box plus a MKD, more stable with high performance and easy to install & operate. Compliance with IMO, ITU-R, IEC related standards, certified by CCS. Provide real-time information for collision avoidance, and text-to-speech broadcast. User-friendly intuitive HMI & preloaded worldwide reference map. Convenient to achieve regular charts and software upgradewith free of charge via USB-disk. Wide range & isolated voltage design, safety and stable. I/O ports full-function design, easy to connect & adapt with ENC, RADAR and so on.


Transponder unit

TX/ RX Frequency: 156.025 MHz ~ 162.025 MHz

RX1: CH87B (161.975MHz)

RX2: CH88B (162.025MHz)

Output Power: 1W/12.5W selectable

DSC Receiver: CH70:156.525 MHz, G2B:1200bps

Bandwidth: 25kHz/ 12.5kHz


Display size and type: 7" Colour TFT LCD

Display resolution: 800 X 480 pixels (WVGA)

GPS Receiver

Receiving Channels: 12 Channels parallel

Receiving Frequency: L1 (1575.42 MHz)

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