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The new standards require VDRs to have both a fixed and float free capsule, capable of holding 48 hours of voyage data. A long term storage medium is also required to record 30 days of data. The new VDR is able to record ECDIS as well as a second radar.

The Kelvin Hughes system is compliant with MSC.333(90) and IEC61996-1 Ed 2.0 and collects data from the sensors on board the vessel and stores it on an externally mounted CSM (Crash Survivable Module). The CSM is tamperproof and designed to withstand extreme shock, impact, pressure and heat.

The following vessels are required to carry a VDR and are subject to an annual survey:

  • All Passenger ships and ro-ro passenger ships

  • Ships, other than passenger ships, of 3,000 GT and upwards constructed on or after 1 July 2002



Control: Control panel is a high resolution 8.4" console mount touch screen display.

System Monitor: Continuous and manual health checking of the system displayed using a traffic light system for simple fault diagnosis.

Simple Playback: High speed downloads from the bridge via USB 3.0 of any data and/or period.

Playback on a PC or laptop on board using the newly developed software that enables full voyage analysis and data replay functions.

Easy Installation: Cable entry to the Main Electronic Unit (MEU) and cable terminations are quick and simple via an innovative cable gland design, ensuring no specialised tools are required. Specialised cable entries to install VGA, video, power and capsule cables directly into the MEU, enable easy customisation to the vessel's needs.

Compliant: Float free, fixed capsules and long term media storage are fully approved, meeting the minimum recording requirements in accordance with MSC.33(90) and IEC.61996-1 ED 2.0).

Upgradeable: Quick and simple installation with reduced costs is achieved by a single cable between the MEU and interfaces that contain both data and power, interfaces can also be daisy chained. This expansion capability helps future proof the system should additional connections to the VDR be required for the future IMO requirements.

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