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The new Totem VDR 2014 fully complies with the new International Maritime Organization (IMO) VDR standard, which comes into effect July 1, 2014, and meets all the new VDR requirements as defined in MSC.333(90) and IEC 61996-1 Ed. 2, including a float-free capsule, 48-hour data storage in both the protective fixed capsule and float-free capsule, separate audio track for outdoor microphones, as well as data recording from the ship’s ECDIS, both radars, AIS and inclinometer.


Totem VDR 2014 Advantages

  • Remote Maintenance with Totem Cellular Router (TCR) will minimize onboard visits by technicians and will further reduce maintenance costs.

  • Conning Display on the VDR monitor (making Conning display redundant).

  • Automatic event log for owner's use (monthly check recommended). 

  • Means of extracting Stored data from VDR: USB, DVD and LAN.

  • VDR 19” monitor for monitoring, replay and diagnosis: the monitor displays status of recorded items at all times; Facilitates easy APT and commissioning.


Totem VDR Technical Features

  • Replay capabilities on the VDR monitor itself.

  • Replay module for both ship and office.

  • High Quality Single channel recording of every Microphone and VHF (no mixing of channels). 10 independent channels are available as standard

  • Built in Siemens S7 PLC makes easy interface to a large number of binary or analog inputs, allowing readout of Non NMEA systems.

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