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Status 350 & 355


Launched in 1992 and still our most successful omni-directional antenna with its distinctive profile, high quality, powerful performance and versatility ensures it remains the market favourite.

Recent development of a new dipole array has further improved performance and reception whilst allowing us to lower the profile by deletion of the pinnacle.

There are two models designed for permanently fitted installations, the STATUS 350 for UHF TV only utilising the VP2 amplifier. The STATUS 355 with FM and DAB radio capabilities via the VP3 Amplifier*

  • Designed for digital television signals & FM radio* reception

  • Receives horizontal and vertical signals through 360 degrees

  • Incorporates a power amplifier with variable gain adjustment

  • Standard fitting options, roof or mast mount with optional sucker mount Angle

  • adjustable, allowing level mounting on a sloping surface

  • Easily removable antenna dome

status 350.jpg


Physicals & Performance

Frequency: TV 470-790 Mhz
                     FM Radio 88-108 Mhz (355 only)

Dimensions: 315dia x 180mm

VP2 Amplifier 115 x 45 x 29mm

VP3 Amplifier 157 x 45 x 29mm

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