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Saturn Fibre optic gyrocompass and attitude reference system


The Saturn fibre optic gyrocompass unit is built upon more than a hundred years experience that Teledyne TSS have in marine navigation. This experience and industrial innovation has enabled the TSS engineering team to integrate the latest solid state technologies to offer a user-friendly,

highly accurate and cost-effective gyrocompass solution, for demanding marine environments.

Ideal for any type of navigation application, the MED Wheelmark Approved Saturn products have impeccable specifications and significant qualities, ensuring suitability for many navigation applications.

The Saturn fibre optic gyrocompass has been designed and engineered to fulfil the primary navigation need. The fully IMO Certified device is a strap-down attitude and heading reference system (AHRS), resulting in a maintenance

free unit. A lightweight, compact and highly reliable gyrocompass that provides flexibility, making it suitable for any size of vessel. The accurate and purpose driven specification ensures that Saturn is the solution for many navigation and control applications.

Integration is key to a successful navigation system and importantly, the Saturn is offered with a range of repeaters and ancillary devices. The unit is fully compatible with an extensive range of receiving equipment, delivering a variety of proprietary data formats at a fast rate.

All Saturn variants are provided with GPS and speed
log interfaces, and provide full attitude and heading capabilities. Three heading accuracy variants are offered; designated Saturn 10, Saturn 30 and Saturn 50, giving 0.1°, 0.3° and 0.5° accuracy respectively.

Saturn IMO Approval.png


For further information for specification, please visit the PDF file

Saturn Fibre Optic Gyrocompass Specification

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