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Salwico Cargo, with integrated control panel


Salwico Cargo is a fully SOLAS compliant fire detection central. It is supplied both as analogue addressable or conventional version.Tested and certified by all the major clas- sification societies, this system provides optimal fire detection for merchant vessels. Sal- wico Cargo cabinet is in some versions featured with general alarm system.The control panel is embedded into the main cabinet and it provides possibility to attach remote control and repeater panels to the main cabinet.

Addressable: Salwico Cargo,, with integrated control panel 

F400-101-X010YA: 2 -6 loops and 8-16 relays alt.

F800-101-X010YA: 8 - 32 Conventional Sections and 8-16 Relays

Conventional: 400 = Wall mounted

F400-101-XY100A: 800 = Recess mounted

F800-101-XY100A Addressable:
                                X = No of relay modules 1 or 2, Y = No of loop modules 2 - 6 Conventional:
                                X = No of relay modules 1 or 2,Y = No of I/O 70 module 1 - 4

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