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The new SAL T2+ Speed Log is designed for ships over 50.000 GT with simultaneous and independent measurement of relative speed through water and true two-axis speed over ground.

New requirement MSC.334(90) states that the bottom tracking device and the water tracking device must be two separate devices. This requirement was adopted 22nd of May 2012 and will come into force the 1st of July 2014.


Consilium’s unique Docking and Dual Axis Speed Log T2+ is specially designed to fulfill that requirement. It affects vessels above 50 000 GT and vessels with a ship or bridge class requiring both SOG and STW functionality.

Advantages with T2+ at installation

  • Only One hull penetration for both water and bottom track transducer

  • Only One cable drawing

  • Only One system to be purchased and installed

Advantages with T2+ at operation:

  • Only One system to maintenance which reduces life time cost

System Description

The SAL T2+ measures longitudinal relative speed through the water as well as two-axis true speed over the ground with correlation principle. In combination with an external rate of turn gyro a full docking log functionality is achieved.

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