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Sailor-6130 Mini-C LRIT


The SAILOR 6130 mini-C LRIT is the premier standalone LRIT solution. SAILOR 6130 LRIT enables straightforward LRIT compliance through ease of operation and reliability. It offers the same benefits towards acceptance and compliance as the legacy system, but with a number of key enhancements.

This terminal is a single, self-contained and sealed unit, housing both antenna and transceiver. This design approach has proven to be rugged and reliable regard- less of vessel type and application.

IMO regulation

Long Range Identification and Tracking (LRIT) was adopted by the IMO in May 2006 as resolution MSC.202(81) and sub- sequently included in SOLAS chapter V.

Vessels subject to LRIT are all passenger ships including high-speed craft, cargo ships, including high speed craft of 300 gross tonnage and above, and mobile off- shore drilling units.



Thermal Unit

Operating frequencies: Rx Frequency Band: Rx: 1525 - 1545 MHz

                                          Tx Frequency Band: Tx: 1626.5 - 1646.5 MHz 

GPS module: 50 channel

Terminal interface: NMEA2K DeviceNet Mini-style, Male

Antenna Unit

G/T: -23.7 dBk at 5° elevation
EIRP: Min. 7 dBW at 5° elevation
Antenna elevation: -15° to 90°


Absolute power supply range: 10.5 - 32 VDC

Nominal power input: 15 VDC
Power consumption (typical): Rx: 1.85 W @ 15 VDC

                                                     Tx: 22 W @ 15 VDC

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