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R5 Supreme NAV


The R5 Supreme NAV products are self-monitoring and extremely user friendly. The R5 Supreme NAV system utilises the highly versatile R5 CDU and, with an option of R4 Sensors and antennas, it represents one of the most flexible navigation systems on the market.

The large colour touch-screen display and intuitive graphical user interface makes operation both visually appealing and easy. The multitude of interfaces make the system highly appropriate for integration into modern networked bridge solutions. The network interface may also be used to connect several systems in redundant configuration or to add additional passive displays.

Main features
  • GPS and GLONASS support

  • IALA Beacon receiver option

  • RAIM functionality, alerting when position accuracy is below user set limit

  • 7" high contrast colour touch LCD

  • Touch, Keypad or USB keyboard control

  • Displays: Latitude, Longitude, SOG, COG, HDG, ROT, XTE, RAIM level and much more

  • Capability for handling and storing up to 4,000 individually named waypoints and up to 128 different routes

  • Man Over Board (MOB) and Event Mark functionality

  • Two trip log counters with indication of average speed and accumulated time during motion

  • Scheduled Alerts, user-configurable time alarms and time to ETA alarms

  • Flexible redundant and/or passive display configurations

  • Display of tidal port information

Technical specifications


Waypoints: 4000

Routes: 128 (max 512 waypoints in each route)

Functions: Support for additonal read only displays and redundant systems.

Integrity: RAIM and Heartbeat Monitoring

Power supply: Sensor; 12/24 VDC CDU; 12/24 VDC

Power Consuption: Sensors; 2.0 W (GPS), 2.7W(DGPS). Display 13W


GNSS receiver

270 channel combined L1 GPS and L1 GLONASS
DGNSS: SBAS, externally input RTCM-104 or 
Beacon option
Update rate: 1 Hz default, 5 Hz max
Position accuracy: GPS*; 3m, DGPS** 1m (2D RMS)
Cold start: 1 min typical
Reaquisition: <1s


IALA Beacon receiver addon (DGNSS version)

Dual receiver: Manual or Automatic tuning
Frequency: 283.5 to 325.0 kHz
MSK Bit Rates: 0, 100, 200 bps
Cold Start Time: < 1 minute typical
Reacquisition: < 2 seconds typical
Sensitivity: 25 µV/m for 6 dB SNR @ 200 bps


Applicable standards

IMO Resolution MSC.112(73(
IMO Resolution MSC. 113(73)
IMO Resolution MSC.114(73) 
IMO Resolution MSC.115(73)
IMO Resolution MSC.191(79)
IMO Resolution A.694(17))
IEC 61108-1 Ed. 2.0 
IEC 61108-2 Ed. 1.0
IEC 61108-4 Ed. 4.0
IEC 60945 Ed. 4.0
IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4.0
IEC 62288 Ed. 2.0


Control & Display Unit: 255x140x84 mm / 1.6 kg



Cables used without R5 NAV Junction Box:
   R5 Power Cable
   R5 Signal Cable DSUB-Open
   R4 NAV Sensor Cable
Cables used with R5 NAV Junction Box:
   R5 Power Cable
   R5 Signal Cable DSUB-DSUB
   R5 NAV Sensor Cable
Other Cables:
   R5 Ethernet Cable

Electrical interfaces (CDU + sensor)

Ethernet 10/100 Mbit (LWE IEC 61162-450)
3 RS-422 I/O (User configurable) NMEA/IEC 61162-1 Ed. 4
1 RS-422 Output (NMEA/IEC61162-4 Ed.4) only
3 Digital In, 3 Digital Out
USB Host 2.0
SDHC Reader
Speed log output
Alarm Binary Out Port
Alarm Acknowledge Binary Port


Environmental data

IEC 60945 (Protected)
Operation temperature: –15 °C to +55 °C 
Storage temperature:  –30°C to +80°C

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