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  • Fully meets new IMO resolution MSC.148 (77) to be implemented on and after 1 July 2005 requiring

  • Dual channel reception, 518 kHz and either 490 or 4209.5 kHz, simultaneously

  • Incorporates a printing device (NX-700A) or a dedicated display device with printer output (NX-700B)

  • 200 message of average length 500 characters can be stored in nonvolatile memory

  • Incorporates a preamp within a lightweight, compact antenna for reliable, uninterrupted reception

  • Display messages on a clear 5" silver bright LCD

  • Low power consumption

  • NAV data display acts as NMEA repeater for GPS or instruments



Physicals & Performance

​Receiving Frequency: 518 kHz and 490 or 4209.5 kHz

Sensitivity: 2 μV e.m.f. (50 ohms), 4% error rate


Display Unit

Screen Size: 5'' monochrome LCD, 76 x 100 mm

Resolution: 240(H) x 320(V)
ID Storage: 200 x 2 channels

Antenna Unit

Antenna Type: NX-7H: H-field antenna with preamp

Output Impedance: 50 ohms

Power Supply: +8 V to +9 V (thru co-ax cable)

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