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Night vision camcorder


Express Marine Electronics​ designed this product for marine navigation at night, shooting enthusiast, birdwatching... The night vision camcorder can take pictures and videos like no other products outside the market right now. Pictures generated from this camera will have the same quality as pictures taken during day time. This is a new revolutionary of night vision camera, it will allow ships to take front view during night time,avoid any obstacles might be in-front; finding anchor buoy to park the ship, taking high quality pictures for birdwatchers and hiker at night


Viewfinder:      EVF mode

Aspect ratio:    4:3

Aperture:         F1.4 with adjustable aperture Day and Night dual mode

Operation:       Preview/Photo Play back

Visual distance: 100M (110 yards) at Night, 400M (400 years) at day

Zoom:               up to 2x

Object lens Focus: Manually adjust

Visual angle:   10 degrees

Photo Taking:  Yes

Video Taking:  Yes

Luminance:     IR LED/ total 2W

External Memory: Up to 32GB micro SD card

Power Supply: Alkaline AA battery x 8

Power consumption: 2.5W with IR LED fully on

Size:                18.5cm x 14.5m x 5.5cm

Net weight:    603g

Colour:           Black

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