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For commercial vessels over 150GRT, fishing vessels over 35m and naval vessels with or without DG correction

Suitable for use with Lilley & Gillie (and other) Transmitting Magnetic Compass (TMC) equipment to operate repeaters, off-course alarms and outputs to navigation equipment including gyro back up.

Design Features

  • Reduced shipyard installation work

  • Improved watertightness around deck/periscope area

  • Simple periscope assembly installation and removal

  • Low weight

  • Low voltage lighting within the binnacle

  •  Mounting arrangements for various TMC sensors



Material: Reinforced glassfibre binnacle


Correction: A full set of compensating magnets for B, C and H plus adequate quadrantal corrector and flinders plates.


Periscope: Telescopic with a maximum vertical length of two metres


Fixings: Rubber base gasket and four S/S M20x90 mounting bolts, nuts and washers.


Lighting: Two 24vdc 15w lamps and one spare fitted within the binnacle. Control of lamps, dimmer and power supply by the FW9862

                  Control Unit. A two position dimmer switch is also fitted within the binnacle for local control


Compass: Lilley & Gillie ‘SR4’, Class A, 175mm Reflector Card.

Colour: White

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