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Pulse IP Intercom


Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse is an ideal economical solution for your smaller communication requirements. The system allows for as few as two stations and is scalable according to your needs. Based on Zenitel’s IP technology, Vingtor-Stentofon Pulse offers High Definition voice quality, simple installation and ease of use. The IP based system works by utilizing an existing IP network infrastructure. It employs open standards including SIP, HTTP and XML, making it simple to integrate and expand with third party systems.

  • Allows up to 84 extensions in a single PULSE system:

    • 64 Vingtor-Stentofon devices

    • 10 3rd party SIP connections (software and/or hardware)

    • 10 Dedicated PC-Clients (called “VS-Client”)

  • No external server hardware equipment needed

  • No virtual server infrastructure required

  • Use your web-browser to set up a PULSE System

  • Additional Software tool available for easy maintenance and batch configuration

    • See VS-IMT (Intercom Management Tool)

  • All Vingtor-Stentofon Stations Support:

    • HD Voice

    • Active Noise Reduction

    • Acoustic Echo Cancellation

    • Automatic Volume Control

  • Wide Range of Special Purpose Units

    • Heavy Duty

    • Outdoors

    • Clean Rooms

    • Industrial

  • Uses standard & open protocols for easy maintenance, monitoring and integration

    • SNMP, TFTP, HTTP, SIP, etc…

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