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The self-developed Protective Data Capsule us more inexpensive and competitive.

The Protective Data Capsule is a special one with high technology, which can be produced by only a few manufacturers in the world. IEC61996 specifies that the final recording medium for the VDR must be installed in the capsule in accordance with the following standards:

  • Penetration: an object with a prick of 100mm diameter and a weight of 250kg falling from 3 meters above

  • Impact: 50g semi-sine pulses for continuous 11ms

  • Fire-resistance: 260'C low temperature for 10 hours, and 1100'C high temperature for 1 hour

  • Pressure in deep sea: 30 days at 60MPa (6000 meters depth) under sea and 30 days dipping.

Replay Software

With a friendly human-machine interface, this software is easy to use and install. The online replay function can monitor the real-time operating status of the relevant devices in the bridge so as to enable the captain to know the commands given by the operators in the bridge and to send the data back to the headquarters for analysis. It is easy to download and replay the data of the PDC and to investigate the incidents and to analyse the functioning monitor. The replay function can also be a valuable tool for crew training. This software ensures complete retrieval and display of all recorded data


Transmission of Ethernet

Solid stage medium of 2-9GB

Two 24 W power input-lines and 4 signal-lines to make it easier to float and detach

Integral 406 MHz WITH 121.5 MHz GPS satellite beacon 7 days' lifetime of battery (minimum)

Integral automatic pressure-release device

Salvage hood to make salvage more convenient

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