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As one of the original pioneers of voyage data recorders, Highlander started fitting seagoing ships with VDRs in Year 2001. Today’s 4th generation VDR600 series is the result of the experience and know-how gained with 5000 VDRs delivered. It is a best-in-class recording system for the ship operator demanding superior recording fedelity and marine equipment robustness and dependability.

The HLD-VDR600, used in both newbuilds and retrofits, is approved with MED wheelmark and also carries CCS and RMRS certifications. It meets IMO Resolution MSC.333(90) and therefore features the following attributes:

  • Three recording mediums: fixed capsule (48 hours capacity), float-free capsule (48 hours capacity), long-term recording (30 days capacity).

  • Four video sources: to record radars, ECDIS and other video imagery of interest.

  • Durable outdoor microphones: designed and built categorically for the rough, wet environs of the exposed bridge wings.

  • Distributed hardware: The VDR/S-VDR is designed as a set of modular elements for rational positioning within the ship’s bridge area, minimizing the lengths of cable runs.


Main Unit(MU)

● Power input:AC110/220V、50-60Hz; DC 24V
● Consumption:< 70W
● Reserve battery:7AH for not less than 2hours usgae

        Inputs:Audio: 5x audio channels
                                 8x Microphones input

                                 2x VHF audio input
● Ethernet:10x Ethernet channels(100MBS) for ECDIS, RADAR, etc.
● Integral Long Term Recording Storage Medium

● Dimensions (LxWxH):600x450x235mm
● Weight:18kg
● Installation:Wall or bulkhead mounting
● IPProection:IP22
● Working temperature:-25°C ~ 55°C

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