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GMR Fantom™ 126


Open-array Radar with Industry-leading 120 W Solid-state Output Power6’, 120 W solid-state open-array radar with pedestal. MotionScope™ technology detects and highlights moving targets in different colors to help avoid collisions, find flocks of birds and track weather. Pulse Compression technology provides high-resolution imaging while maximizing energy to enhance target detection and identification. True echo trails display a fading trail to help you quickly and easily identify moving targets while accounting for the movement of your own boat. Overlay radar on your chart screen as single display or split screen with independent range settings


Physical dimensions

Pedestal: 16.6" x 14.3" x 10.7"
Pedestal: 42.1 x 36.4 x 27.1 cm
Full assembly: 15.9" height x 75.2" diameter 
Full assembly: 40.3 cm height x 190.9 cm diameter

Weight Array: 16 lb (7.3 kg)
Pedestal: 34.7 lb (15.7 kg)

Water rating: IPX6

Antenna length: 72" (182.9 cm)

Rotation speed (RPM): 24 and 48 rpm (High Speed only available in Single Range mode, with MotionScope disabled, and on range settings of 12 NM or lower)

Transmit power: 120W of pulse compression power output, the approximate equivalent to a 15kW magnetron

Power input: 10-32 V

Beam width: 1.25° horizontal, 23° vertical

Maximum range: 96 nm

Minimum range: 6 meters

Radar type: Open-Array


MotionScope: Yes

Auto Bird Gain: Yes

Dual Radar Support: Yes

Echo Trails: Yes, True

Programmable Antenna Parking Position: Yes

Max Wind Speed: 80 kt

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