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  • Semi-duplex 25-Watt VHF radiotelephone with a built-in Class-A DSC and CH70 watch Receiver 

  • Fully meets GMDSS carriage requirements for SOLAS ships

  • Easy to read, high-contrast 4.3" bright color LCD

  • Enhanced noise reduction and speaker for superb voice quality

  • Quick access to CH16 key

  • Easy channel selection with rotary control or direct keypad input

  • Automatic entry of own ship position and time through the interfaced GPS receiver

  • ATIS signal transmission available for inland waterways

  • Connect to an office or home via an existing PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network)




Frequency range: 155.000 - 161.600 MHz

RF output power: High: Max 25 W, Low: Not exceed 1 W

Frequency stability: Less than ±1.5 kHz

TX timeout (for US & Inland-waterway): Deactivates the transmitter after an uninterrupted transmission of more than 5 minutes

ATIS: An ATIS signal is transmitted at the end of transmission, by modulating the carrier at 1,300 and 2,100 Hz


Frequency range: Simplex: 155.000 - 161.600 MHz

                                Semi-duplex: 159.600 - 164.200 MHz

Receiving system: Double-conversion super-heterodyne

                                 1st IF: 51.1375 MHz

                                 2nd IF: 62.5 kHz

Sensitivity: Less than 6 dB μ V at SINAD 20 dB
Adjacent channel selectivity: 70 dB or more

AF output power: Built-in speaker: 3 W (4 ohms. THD 10 % or less)

                                Handset earphone receiver: 2 mW (150 ohms)

Audio response: De-emphasis of 6 dB/oct +1/-3 dB

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