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Full colour echogram across 10.4-inch daylight-viewing TFT LCD screen with3 selectable background colours. Echoes are shown in up to 7 user-definable colours. Up to 4 echo dynamic ranges are also selectable depending on bottom conditions

Dual frequency operation covering 5 to 1000 meters of depth in 8 range steps manually or automatically, with a single keypress selecting high frequency (200,135 or 100 kHz) or low frequency (50 kHz). Depth readout in fathoms or feet is also available.

1 kW (max.) transmit output with power level automatically adjusted to suit the range selected. Manual override is also possible in special situations where more power is needed for shallow water soundings.

Shows LAT/LON and water temperature data in addition to sounding data and associated date.time when appropriate optional sensors are plugged in. These types of data are automatically output via RS-232c and RS-422 ports for use by ECDIS, VDR and other onboard electronics.

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