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Sector scan type sonar system, covering a 45-degree sector/ping through 360 degrees for high speed fishing or navigational application. Conventional searchlight scan mode is also selectable in 2 sector width steps for operation requiring slow or high-density sonar imagery across a limited bearing range.

Automatic selection of optimum transit power level and pulse width for the range in use; pulse length may be fixed on all ranges.

Operating modes include sonar (normal/off-center), sidescan (bottom scan) and echo louder, each mode image spread across full screen area or split screen displays with the sub display listing major system parameters or vertical, time-wise compressed presentation of sonar or sidescan echogram.

Single-touch keypress for instant storage and recall of 3 sets of user-defined system parameters optimised for different type of fishing, different underwater conditions or for use by different sonar operations.

Target lock function allows the energy beam to stay locked onto a user-specified moving target while manoeuvring the ship.

Built-in transducer stabiliser allows energy beam tilt to stay fixed at user- specified angle regardless of ship's pitching/rolling.




Frequency & Beam Width: 160kHz, 13° (H) x 6° (V) at -6Db points

Transmit Power: Approx. 1kW RMS (8kW peak/peak); adjustable in 4 steps

Pulse Widths: Normal, Narrow, Wide; automatically selected for range in use

Operating (Display) Modes: Sonar (normal & off-centre), Sidescan (Bottom Scan), Echo Sounder

Scanning Types: Sector Scan (45° sector/ping), Searchlight Scan

Scanning Speeds (360'): Sector Scan: 45°, 135°, 225°, 360° in 45° sector steps

                                           Searchlight Scan: 6°, 30°, 54°, 78°, 102°, 126°, 150°, 174° in 6° sector steps

                                                                          12°, 36°, 60°, 84°, 108°,132°, 156°, 180° in 12° sector steps

Beam Tilt Angle Range: +5° (above transducer level) to -90° (straight down) in 1° steps

Search/ Depth Ranges: 17 ranges with the following maximum limits: Sonar (normal): 2000m

                                                                                                                            Sonar (off-centre): 3000m

                                                                                                                            Sidescan: 2000m

Garin Control Offsets: 10,20,30,40 dB

Echo Dynamic Ranges: 1,2,3 dB

 TVG Control Curves: 10Log R, 20Log R, 40Log R

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