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CX-65 small boat magnetic compass is a good liquid magnetic compass. The compass is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO 14227-2001<Small Boat Magnetic Compass>standard. Its actual dial diameter is 65mm, but the special spherical cover magnifies it to 85mm. The product has the advantages of simple structure,convenient using,accurate direction,high sensitivity legible dial etc. It is suitable for yachts,lifesaving boats,enclosed boats indicating course heading or distinguishing azimuth.

Main technical parameters 



Dial Diameter:                                                                 Φ65mm, magnifies Φ85mm

Dial graduation:                                                              0°~360° 5°for each grid

Using temperature:                                                        -20℃~65℃

Indicating deviation     (H=35μT,T=20±3℃):      ≤1.5°

Half period(H=35μT,T=20±3℃):                            ≥3 S

Friction deviation(H=35μT,T=20±3℃):               ≤1°

Main semicircle self heterodyne correcting energy: 0°~30°

Lighting power supply:                                                   DC 24V (12V)

Outline Dimension:                                                         135×135×135mm

Diameter of mounting holes:                                       Pitchrow 214 ApertureΦ6

Weight:                                                                                1kg

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