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Commercial Marine X-Band Series


The 12kW X-Band Upmast Magnetron Radar features improved target resolution and beam sharpening. The commercial marine X-Band series is designed to provide cost effective type approved radar in a lightweight package meeting IMO requirements.


Increased gain and a narrow beam width of the antenna offers greater range and bearing resolution for improved performance and target separation. The compact lightweight design is easy to install with a single waterproof connector and includes an integral health monitor.

This commercial marine X-Band series is ideal for vessles requiring IMO type approved radar and also smaller boats such as workboats and fishing vessels requiring a cost effective, simple to install, lightweight and high performance navigation radar.

Key features:

  • X-Band

  • Improved performance and target separation

  • IMO type approval (IEC 62388, MSC192/79)

  • Blanking sectors

  • Low noise transceiver

  • Upmast - Integrated transceiver and turning mechanism

  • Easy to install cable and antenna


Transceiver: 12kW magnetron - upmast

Signal Processing: N/A

Antenna: 1.9m (6'6")

Transceiver spec

Frequency Band: X-Band

Frequency: 9.4 GHz ± 0.03 GHz

Peak Power: 12kW

Magnetron Life: 10,000 HRS typical

Signal Processing: N/A

Pulse Length/PRF : (Require update)

Receiver IF Frequency: 75MHz

Minimum Range:< 40m

Antenna spec

Beamwidth (H): (Require update)

Polarisation: Horizontal

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