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Commercial Marine S-Band Series


SharpEye™ S-Band radar technology meets the challenges of safety, navigation and collision avoidance at sea through a clever combination of radar techniques designed to provide the best performance in all conditions.

Solid state radar ensures extremely high reliability and low through life costs:

  • No magnetron - minimal routine maintenance requirements

  • High reliability - solid state electronics

  • Upmast transceiver solution - no waveguide - easy to retrofit - reduced signal loss

  • Clutter suppression - pulse compression

  • Continuous health monitor


SharpEye™ transmits a low power patented pulse sequence, which enables short, medium and long range radar returns to be detected simultaneously, allowing the radar operator to maintain situational awareness regardless of the range scale setting of the radar display and other users of the radar can select their own radar display range scale. The detection performance of SharpEye™ with a low peak transmission power of less than 200W is equivalent to a 30kW magnetron radar.


The radar performance also increases from the transceiver being positioned upmast, thereby minimising signal loss in the waveguide as well as simplifying installation. The high reliability and lack of routine maintenance means the need to subsequently access the SharpEye™ transceiver is almost removed.


Transceiver: 170W solid state - upmast

Signal Processing: Pulse compression 660:1

Antenna: 3.9m (12'9")

Transceiver spec

Frequency Band:S-Band

Frequency2.9 - 3.1 GHz (8 selectable channels)

Peak Power: 200W typical

Magnetron Life: No Magnetron MTBF > 150,000 HRS

Signal Processing: Pulse Compression 660:1

Pulse Length/PRF :SharpEye™ transmits a non-linear sequence of S, M and L pulses simultaneously. Each transmission is unique, enabling pulse compression.

Receiver Noise:  < 4dB nom.

Receiver IF Frequency: 60MHz

Receiver Bandwidth:20MHz

Minimum Range:< 40m

Range Resolution: 15m

Antenna spec

Beamwidth (H): 2.0° -3dB

Beamwidth (V): 26°

Antenna Gain: > 28dB

Polarisation: Horizontal

Sidelobes (±10): < -26dB

Sidelobes >10: < -32dB

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