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Boat Monitoring System


DOKENSIP EVO is a wireless sensor system comprising a central module (CORE) and a series of sensors distributed around your boat.

  • With DOKENSIP EVO you can know the voltage of the batteries, the presence of water in the different bilges, detect movement inside and know that the electricity from the jetty reaches the inside of the boat without problems.

  • Standard Pack of DOKENSIP EVO in the box consist of Core unit, Battery sensor, Bilge sensor, Motion sensor, Shore power sensor, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, Dokie and

Activation card. First year service fee is included.

  • DOKENSIP EVO will control through a CORE module up to 16 different sensors on your boat, and the sensor system can be extended/reduced very easily.

  • DOKENSIP EVO will send you an alarm signal when something goes wrong so you are assured that your boat is fine.

  • You will control all your boats from a single application, knowing their statuses at a glance.

  • FCS (Fully Controlled System) and MAP (Multichannel Alert Process) - Geofence, Tracking, Positioning Records, Anchoring Alert, Share Your Location, etc.

For further information for specification, please visit the PDF file

Dokensip evo Boat Monitoring

System pricing

Dokensip evo Boat Monitoring

System description

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