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Walker P7007 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System


The Walker P7007 Bridge Navigational Watch Alarm System (BNWAS) combines the very latest in Bridge Watch Alarm System technology with the ease and functionality of the new integrated touch sensitive display. This compact, user friendly unit not only complies to meet the new IMO’s Maritime Safety Committee regulations mandatory on all marine vessels over 150 gross tonnage by July 2014. It also grants the exceptional design, build quality and reliability of a company that has gained nearly 200 years experience in maritime engineering.

  • A compact and stylish user friendly unit.

  • Easily installed and incorporated into an established bridge system.

  • Emergency call and remote reset facilities.

  • Integrated motion sensor.

  • Integrated back up battery pack in case of mains power failure.

  • Visual and audio alarms that can be placed anywhere onboard.

  • Display dimmer control.

  • Unique touch menu display.

  • Timed dormant countdown between 3-12 minutes.

  • Multiple remote reset options.

  • Key Switch operation.

  • Variable alarm tone and volume.




Digital: 1 x 256*64 pixel OLED Graphic display

Illumination dimmable by
2 x integral touch switches
4 x “secret till lit” integral touch switches, accessed by key switch, for setup procedures. Integral “Alarm Reset” touch switch for OOW operation/PIR sensor for automatic monitoring of OOW movement.


Timed “dormant” countdown (3 to 12 minutes)

15 second visual alarm.
15 second 1st Stage audible alarm
2nd Stage audible alarm
3rd Stage audible alarm “Power Fail” alarm Emergency Call function. Settable by key switch / menu access.
Display of active timer.


Din 43700 Pattern: Din 196 x 144
Weight- BNWAS Unit 1.18 Kg approx

BNWAS Remote: 0.23 Kg approx
Case: Plastic
Outer Bezel: Polycarbonate; black
Front Window: Ally Carbonate: Printed
Case Back: Aluminium Alloy Panel / Console mounting.

RJ45 Connectors for Remote Reset / Repeater connection.

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