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The AP9’s practical, ergonomic design means that the settings can be quickly adjusted by rotary control or touch button. 

Designed for vessels 10-50 metres and high speed craft. High Speed Craft & 10-50m.


A practical and ergonomic approach to design mean the AP9 settings can be quickly adjusted by rotary control or touch pads. Precision steering is provided through rate of turn, rudder limits and counter rudder in addition to standard weather, rudder and trim controls.


The AP9 can operate as a stand-alone system, with control unit, feedback and compass connected to any choice of drive units. Alternatively, the system can be integrated with navigational aids such as a GPS or GPS plotter to provide way point steering. The AP9 has the option of the TMQ NMEA Compass or Compass Top Sensor for Steel Boats.

JOG lever input

• Luminescent front panel for ease of use at night

• Factory designed to have up to two remote steering positions

• 3 heading input options

• Off course alarm

• Timer adjustable or fixed for use as a commercial watch alarm

• Current heading lock on

• Preset heading selection

• Rate of turn adjustment

• Counter rudder



Voltage: 12-24 volts DC

Current: Manual - 0.4 amps, Auto - 1.0amps, Max – 15 amps

Controls: Rotary and Push button

Course Direction: Better than 1 degree

Sensitivity: 0 – 10 degrees
Rudder ratio: 0.1:1.0 to 1.0:1.0

Rudder limits: Front panel adjustable

Off Course Alarm: Adjustable
Watch alarm: Adjustable 0/60 min Nav.

Signal: NMEA 0183

Dimensions: 309mm x 140mm x 65mm (Allow for rear cable connection)

Standard Components: Main Control panel, Heavy Duty Rudder Feedback Unit, Mounting Hardware and Brackets, Operation Manual.

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