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The UHF Wireless Paging System has been developed to increase the accessibilityand security of the crew which is frequently on the move while at work.The system can be fully integrated with ACM Integrated communication systems to increase the efficiency of crew operations.

  • Providing UHF wireless paging coverage on-board the entire vessel

  • Useful in daily work for personal text messages or alarm message warnings of malfunctions that need immediate action, etc.

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • 8 or 32 different alarm messages

  • Individual and 5 group numbers are available

  • Easy to interface to other systems like PABX, Intercom and Alarm systems

  • Robust, shock resistant pocket receivers, dust and waterproof according to IP-66 rating and high immunity to electrical charges

  • Compact and lightweight 86 x 51 x 19 mm receiver housing weighing only 89 g including battery

  • Intrinsically safe versions of pocket receivers (EEx ib IIC T4)

  • The receivers are easy to operate - access to all functions with one button

  • The receivers have a two-line alphanumeric display with 24 characters. A message can contain up to 120 characters which is displayed using the auto-scroll function. 10 messages can be stored, and maximum memory capacity is 480 characters.

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