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ORCA™ Master G2


ORCA Master G2 is an all new professional Electronic Chart System (ECS) for marine navigation created by SevenCs. 

It is a high-end ECS application specially developed for touchscreen operation. It offers all functions required in a type approved navigation system but remains intuitive in its usability. ORCA Master G2 can be used as an ECS for offshore, inshore and inland operation.

Key features

  • Innovative design optimized for touch screen;

  • Touch screen optimized and backwards compatible with any standard PC / LT performing with HD;

  • Flexible user interface / user can adjust the display in accordance with individual requirements;

  • Optimized for left and right hand use;

  • Selectable display option such as S-Mode panel or advanced Info Label technology;

  • Function to enlarge the navigation screen via hiding temporarily not needed information label;

  • Print screen functionality. 

Required features for professional Navigators

  • File Management System;

  • Trip data logging for playback analysis;

  • Advanced and fast route planning via touchscreen actions;

  • Automated selection of the best chart integrated in a mixed mode for RNCs and ENCs;

  • Select a main and secondary position source; define fallback scenario;

  • User defined scenario dependent Profiles;

  • Restore system settings functionality;

  • Anti-grounding functionality and advanced pre-warning system;

  • Display adjustable to various day/night light conditions;

  • Flexible settings to customize the display of own ship (incl. various vectors, predictions, distances, bearings, past tracks etc.);

  • Split screen for docking and manoeuvring;

  • Dead reckoning;

  • North-Up and Head-Up mode;

  • Immediate route leg check while creation;

  • Watch Handover checks;

  • Track records function;

  • ERP calculator (estimated Rendezvous Point).

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