LT-3100 Citadel Solution

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LT-3100 Accredited Solution

Connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth for voice, SMS, and emails

The LT-3100 Satellite Communications System is delivering the Iridium ‘classic’ services: Voice, Voicemail, SMS, email, Short Burst Data (SBD), Modem Data, and Windows Dial-up Networkig (IP-data connection) with 100% global coverage. The LT-3100 System is supporting Smartphone connectivity (iOS, Android) via the built-in Bluetooth interface. We recommend using the Zoiper Lite VoIP Soft Phone, which is available for both iOS and Android. Lite and Premium versions are available. The Zoiper app supports both voice, SMS, and email. Any other VoIP Soft Phone can be used supporting SIP Voice and Messaging.

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Features of Zoiper Lite VoIP Soft Phone

  • The Zoiper Lite VoIP Softphone is available for both iOS and Android operating systems

  • The Zoiper app can be connected to the LT-3100 system via Bluetooth (built-in) or via an external
    Wi-Fi access point

  • The Zoiper app is supporting SIP Voice. The SIP voice will be converted to an Iridium voice call in
    the LT-3100 System

  • The Zoiper app is supporting SIP Messaging. The SIP Message will be converted to Iridium SMS/email in
    the LT-3100 system

  • The Zoiper app is supporting both SMS and email destination addresses

  • Note: Iridium is only supporting concatenated SMS’
    in the direction towards the LT-3100 system. In the other direction, Iridium will split the SMS sent into multiple SMS’ of 160 characters

  • Note: When sending e-mails to the terminal, Iridium will discard any e-mail content that will not fit into one SMS (159 characters minus the length of the originating email address)

How to make it work

  • Make sure that the LT-3100 System is updated with the minimum required software (see info below)

  • Log into the LT-3110 Control Unit (CU) web server (login: admin, password: admin). The IP address can be read from the display

  • In the LT-3110 CU web server, Configuration - SIP: configure a SIP account (Password + Caller ID) and enablethe ‘MSG’ checkbox

  • In order to pair your Smartphone with the LT-3100 System, enable Bluetooth on your device

  • In the LT-3110 Control Unit, press the ‘MENU’ button andnavigate to the Bluetooth menu (MENU -> System -> Bluetooth). Bluetooth will only be discoverable in the LT- 3100 system, when you are in this menu

  • Install the Zoiper Lite VoIP Soft Phone app (iOS, Android) Create a new account in the Zoiper app by selecting:‘Settings’ -> Accounts’ -> ‘+’ to add a new account

  • Select ‘Manual Configuration’ and ‘SIP Account’

  • Set domain to ‘’ (Bluetooth, IP Address) Set ‘Username’, ‘Password’, and ‘Caller ID’

  • Disable STUN (Additional Settings -> Network Settings ->NAT Settings). To be able to register in ‘Airplane mode’

  • Press ‘Register’

For further information for specification, please visit the PDF file

LT-3100 Citadel Solution